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About Garcinia mangostana



An apple a day will keep the doctor away, but only for so long. If you didn't eat other fruits your body wouldn't get all of the nutrients it needs. That's why nutritionists urge us to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables daily. We apply that same thinking to our beverages.


Each of our juice supplements contains the potent nutritional properties of several fruits. We start with an exotic superfruit then choose other nutrient-dense fruits to blend it with. These additional fruits bring their own health benefits and great taste to the mix.

These other fruits are also carefully selected for their ability to optimize the nutrient delivery of their exotic cousins. That means you can enjoy an even more powerful punch of antioxidants, amino acids and essential minerals in the mangos teen, goji berry or sea buckthorn berry.


Our beverages contain 100% pure fruit and the vitamins and minerals that come from the real deal. You won't find any additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or extra water. It's why our name is pure Fruit!

Mangoxan is a powerfully energizing exotic juice nutritional supplement that promotes better health that begins at the cellular level. Mangoxan contains no added gums, pectins, artificial ingredients, or flavors. Plus, each one-ounce serving contains a day's supply of vitamin C, making it healthful enough to be taken as a daily nutritional supplement, yet delicious enough to be enjoyed by the glass.

The mangos teen has been prized for thousands of years because of the role it played in ancient Southeast Asian folks medicine. Historically, preparations from the rind of the mangos teen were used throughout Eastern and South American cultures as folk remedies and tonics to treat a variety of conditions. Loaded with Xanthones-super-potent antioxidants -- modern scientific studies as well as anecdotal data supports mangos teens ability to:

Mangoxan is 100% pure fruit product (without preservatives) that tastes exotic and absolutely delicious while remaining one of the highest ORAC value supplements available. Additionally, each 1 oz serving of Mangoxan contains 100% daily RDA of vitamin C.

High in Xanthone content, the mangosteen is truly one of God's natural wonders. Using proprietary methods and technology, Pure Fruit Technologies extracts xanthone molecules from the peel of the Garcinia Mangostana where xanthones are most concentrated, and blends this "peel extract" (essentially pure xanthones) into the product mix. The result is higher Xanthone content without the "floaters and sludge" of ground up indigestible peel.

About PFT Brands, Inc.


PFT Brands, Inc. is a health and wellness company who's main focus is the health and wellbeing of others. We value life, and the quality of life for each individual. It is our desire to help you be everything you were created to be. In a fast paced world of stress, unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles, many of you are worn down and not living in good health or up to your full potential. We are a family and team who are dedicated to assisting you on your journey to optimum health and life.

At PFT Brands, Inc. we research and analyze many different health food supplements to bring our highly cared for customers the very best, healthiest, highest quality and most potent health product available on the market. Through our years of research we have descovered a product called Mangoxan by Pure Fruit Technologies. Mangoxan is an exotic Superfruit juice supplement made from the Garcinia Mangostana also known as the Mangosteen Superfruit. The Mangosteen, which is in no way related to the Mango, is full of amazing health benefits. Mangoxan is by far the most potent and healthiest of Mangosteen Superfruit supplements on the market today. So far Mangoxan is the only health and nutritional supplement that has met the expectations of PFT Brands, Inc. Through ongoing research we will continue to add products that meet our standards of quality, potencey, safety and efficiency. We will only provide our customers with the best of the best! We also enjoy providing health, nutritional and wellness support to our customers.

Our nutritional products are sold via wholesale sales to health food retailers, and are also available on-line at

We look forward to hearing from you soon and assisting you in the best health and wellness possible by keeping your store or pantry shelves stocked with the hottest and most healthful new nutritional supplements on the market!

L'chaim Everyone! "To Life!"

Increase your Energy level
with Garcinia mangostana

It works as a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant by Xanthones attaching to cells in the body and absorbing large amounts of free-radicals and decreasing stress and inflamation in the body.

Promotes weight loss
Increases fat oxidation
Detoxes the body by absorbing and eliminating free-radicals
Relieves arthritis and body pains by powerful anti-inflammatory properties in Xanthones
Protects the body from the common cold, flu, disease and various sicknesses

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